adán paredes

Sculptor - Ceramist

He was born in Mexico City in 1961. He studied archeology at the National School of Anthropology and History. Archeology leads him to have a strong connection with the earth, with the clay, and he finds in ceramics a way of expressing his knowledge and concerns, becoming a sculptor-ceramist for thirty-seven years.

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He founded the Los Alacranes Workshop in Mexico City, but for more than 20 years he moved it to Oaxaca, where he lives and works.He has held several group and individual exhibitions in countries such as Mexico, Venezuela, the United States, Canada, Europe and China, countries where he has also obtained various recognitions.Much of his work is part of private collections and museums around the world. His ceramic work "Textile of Eternal Traces" is part of the artistic collection of Stanford University.

His work has been included in projects for Legorreta Architect firm, with Don Ricardo and Víctor Legorreta, as well as with Javier Sordo Madaleno firm, among others.His handling of clay and his techniques in ceramics have been shared with renowned plastic artists such as Jorge Yázpik, Sergio Hernández and Francisco Toledo, the latter chose the Los Alacranes Workshop to carry out ceramic work from 2003 to 2006. His knowledge also led him to teach a pottery workshop at Harvard University in Boston. The Museum of Philately of Oaxaca (MUFI) chooses an intervention by the artist of a letterbox for its commemorative stamp to mark the 20th anniversary of the museum.Paredes presented the Aramara book in 2017, alluding to his marine exhibitions.The Swiss watchmaker ORIS chose Adán Paredes as Brand Ambassador to steer the art collection that they launched in January 2019, ARTIX, a proposal of 20 unique limited edition designs.

In his constant creative search, Adán Paredes launches in 2020 seven folders of engravings in the technique of colography.It was in 2014 when he started in parallel to his mural and sculptural projects, the design and elaboration of handmade table stoneware. The first was for the Roca Brothers, owners of Cellar Can Roca in Girona, Spain, being Joseph Roca who commissioned the artist the dishes they used for their tour in Mexico with BBVA bank.

Since then, Paredes has made dishes for other well-known Chefs in Mexico, such as Chef José Manuel Baños' for Pitiona Restaurant in Oaxaca, Candela Romero in the St. Regis Hotel n Mexico City, Club de Industriales of Monterrey, Restaurante Tzuco in Chicago by Chef Carlos Gaytán and the most recent for Grupo Casa Oaxaca by Chef Alejandro Ruiz. Elio Restaurant in Las Vegas is the latest opening of Chef Enrique Olvera, having sculptures of Paredes at the entrance. Paredes was also commissioned to intervene the walls of the Chapulin Restaurant at the Presidente Intercontinental Hotel in Mexico City.His dishes have also been part of television programs, as well as Larousse's book "Great Mexican Chefs, Celebrating our Roots" in 2017. The Mexican sculptor contributed his talent to the 2016 Edition of Millesimé Mexico gastronomic event in an attempt to give the importance that the clay dish deserves for food, designing an unpublished dish for the menu of chef Gerardo Vázquez Lugo.

Paredes has been an active leader in his community, sharing his studio for local musicians presentations, family movie nights, workshops for elementary school students  as well as for the local Down Syndrome children school.

Paredes lives and works in Santo Domingo Barrio Alto, Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico, where he continues with the creation of work in his Los Alacranes workshop.

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