josé manuel baños

Oaxacan Chef

José Manuel Baños Rodríguez is originally from Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca. Since he was little, he has a taste for the variety of flavors and dishes because his grandmother instilled in him love and respect for good food.READ MORE

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He completed his studies at the Culinary Institute of Mexico (Puebla), and continued his preparation in restaurants such as "Casa Oaxaca" by chef Alejandro Ruiz, in Oaxaca, "Arzak" Restaurant, by Juan María Arzak in San Sebastián, Spain and in Ferrán Adrià's “El Bullí” in Roses Girona, Spain. While passing through these restaurants he learned new cooking techniques and was convinced that Mexico has all the material resources to be able to exploit signature cuisine.

José Manuel takes everything he learned throughout his life to create his restaurant Pitiona, Cocina de Autor. He seeks to preserve traditional recipes by applying new cooking techniques in order to present it to diners who have had new gastronomic experiences and are convinced that the cuisine of our grandmother and our mother has the virtue of going back to what many think is the best stage of life "Childhood".

Pitiona offers a simple and fun signature cuisine, without forgetting its roots in tradition, they are the grandmother's recipes, the Oaxacan tradition with avant-garde techniques where national and local products play an extremely important role.

With Pitiona, the chef has managed to enhance the local product in its entirety, positioning it as a very good choice for diners looking to taste delicious and original cuisine.